New look ??

On KWF i bought some new goodies for my 66er bug! Ik try them on and see the pictures for the results ............. Knipogen

Nokia N95 046

Nokia N95 052

Nokia N95 038

Nokia N95 039

Nokia N95 045

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Driving home from the Swapmeet in Mol

Our plan was to drive home, but our President has a flat tire. So we visit a petroltation, before going safely back home. See the pictures Lachen

Nokia N95 083

And also claening our windows, because of the salt

Nokia N95 080


Driving home:

Nokia N95 078

Nokia N95 089


Later this week the bargains i bought in Mol Hebberig

Below more pictures of today .................

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Swapmeet Mol

Today at 10u clock we started with 5 bugs our journey to the Swapmeet in Mol Belguim. It was a very nice meeting with a lot of nice Aircooled cars. See the pictures for a impression of today.

Nokia N95 058

Nokia N95 055

Nokia N95 062

Nokia N95 061

Nokia N95 060

Nokia N95 063

Nokia N95 066

Nokia N95 067

Nokia N95 068

Nokia N95 069

Nokia N95 073

See more pictures at http://air-mike.skynetblogs.be/ , http://kcm.skynetblogs.be/ , http://keverclubmaastricht.the-talk.net/het-vw-foto-album...

More pictures i made on the way back home follow later.

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